When You Buy A Home With Bad Neighbors

When You Buy A Home With Bad Neighbors



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You found the home you LOVE and are so excited about the newness of it all, then you move in and discover you have "bad neighbors". It happens, hopefully not a lot, but it can.

Having less than perfect neighbors can be frustrating IF it interferes regularly with you life. It is, though, something most of us have to deal with from time to time and does not really effect our enjoyment or investment in our homes. I'm not a fan of fire pits, I find the odor nauseating,  but when the weather cools down some of my neighbors move outside and fire them up.


I recall my first home I had the worst neighbors.  The matriarch was on my heels every time I walked out my door, chatting, but mostly telling me what I was doing wrong, in her opinion. If I planted a tree, shrub or flower I was told it would not live there. I found myself getting up at the crack of dawn to avoid her as I did yard work. 

One day I came home from work and she said "I had to call the cops today to come to your house". She thought she heard something; she didn't.  

Another day I came home to see a deep rut running through my yard. They had a water main break.  She told me they did not want to tear up their driveway so had to go under it and drained the water on my property for several days.

After eight years I moved and this time chose a home with a really big lot. As it turns out I had the BEST neighbors so it would not have mattered if we were closer together.


So how can you avoid buying a home with bad neighbors? One thing a potential home owner can do is visit the property they want to buy at different times of the day - morning, noon and night. A most common complaint when neighbors are tagged as "bad" is their production of noise.  If you have the time before you must commit to a contract, and I know that is difficult these days with such little inventory, visit the home, park your car and walk the neighborhood.


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You are probably not going to get the seller to tell you they have "bad" neighbors, but you can invest a little time in exploring the immediate area. If you have the time it will take some of the worry out of winding up with a less than tolerable situation. 




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