Are you looking for fast or a trusted adviser when buying a home?


Are you looking for fast or a trusted adviser when buying a home?


When it comes to getting a home mortgage to buy a home are you looking for fast or a trusted adviser? (This is kind of a trick question because you can have both.)  Many mortgage companies are marketing the fast easy peasy mortgage which may make a home buyer think that is how it works, if they want fast they have to do something online. 


I see ads for 15 year mortgages for instance touting the savings and demanding folks to refinance now to that 15 year mortgage. Are 15 year mortgages money savers? You bet they can be, but is it the best move? Do you think that online process is going to determine that for you?


I keep hearing younger home owners in particular just want to have it done fast and have it all be easy.   They want it fast at what expense?  The younger home buyers I work with don't just want fast and I believe this marketing is selling them short. The younger folks I work with are just as concerned about making the best decision as the more mature audience.  


I close loans fast and I also ask all the right questions to determine how much one might want to put down, what term suits them best, and provide the pros and cons of each program for which they qualify.  Being through and understanding the goals of the home buyer or home owner in a refinance situation is priceless. Setting expectations throughout the process is priceless.  Buying a home or refinancing is not something one does every day and it deserves full attention to details.  


Fast should not be the primary concern of a home buyer. Easy should not be the primary concern. The primary concern should be whether the person being relied upon is putting the home buyer first. Are they in a position to give advice; or are they simply expediters? Online lenders are not the only folks who can deliver fast. I close loans equally fast or faster but I do it as an adviser; I do it with awesome benefits including speed. 





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